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Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how and when Chaotic Box collects personal information and how that information is used. This Privacy Policy is subject to change, please revisit it regularly.

Chaotic Box Apps & Games

Chaotic Box Apps and Games ("Apps" or "Games") are currently available for iOS, iPadOS and/or tvOS. If you are under 13 years of age or a minor in your country of residence, please ask a parent or legal guardian for permission to access the Apps after your legal guardian has reviewed this Privacy Policy.

Chaotic Box does not directly collect user information or directly implement analytics or other behaviour tracking systems. Device operating system features and/or services ("Third-Party" services) used by or integrated into the Apps may request or collect user information as required to provide those features and/or services. Chaotic Box may use that information as required on the local device to provide or fulfill the Third-Party service. Chaotic Box does not collect or store information gathered by Third-Party services for its own use.

Chaotic Box has taken reasonable steps to ensure Third-Party providers comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws or regulations. However, Chaotic Box does not have access to or control the Third-Parties' technologies. Questions about Third-Parties' privacy practices and policies should be directed to each Third-Party as further identified in this Privacy Policy.

Made For Kids

Apps specifically labelled as "Made For Kids" do not collect user data and do not contain any third-party (or first-party) logins, advertising, or analytics.

Third-Party Services

Apps may integrate services built into operating systems such as Apple's Game Center and/or iCloud. Your use of these features is subject to Apple's terms of use and privacy policies detailed in the following link:

Apps may contain optional "sharing" functionality implemented via standard operating system provided mechanisms. Sharing is never required, and the specific Third-Party apps or services available for sharing (or other actions) depends on each user's device configuration. Content that is shared, copied, or otherwise accessed through any Third-Party apps or services available via system-wide sharing or action extensions is not governed by this Privacy Policy. Your use of the aforementioned Third-Party apps or services is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of each specific Third-Party app or service.

Third-Party Advertising

Apps made available free of charge, and not specifically labelled as "Made For Kids", may contain advertisements served by Google Mobile Ads and/or Unity Ads. Apps that serve ads are not intended for use by children under the age of 13. Apps that serve ads are configured to use Apple's App Tracking Transparency framework and respect each user's tracking preferences. Visit the links below for details on Google and Unity policies and terms of use:

Chaotic Box Websites

The and websites do not collect user data and do not store or access web browser cookies. Basic technical information including but not limited to browser type, device type, operating system, and IP addresses may be logged by Chaotic Box's website hosting partners to monitor website performance and detect errors or malicious behaviour. These raw server access logs are archived daily and deleted after 30 days. This policy extends to all subdomains hosted under the and domain names.

Consent & Contact Information

By using Chaotic Box Apps or websites, you consent to this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy please email

Last updated: February 13, 2023.